Controls and Systems


  • 20+ Years Experience
  • 100s of Factories
  • 1000s of Machines
  • All Industries
  • Multiple Patents
  • PhD in Machinery
  • Professional Engineer
  • MBA

Assistance in Design and Production of Safe Machines

Stability Technology is a full service provider of the Machinery Services necessary to facilitate the successful development of new Machinery, Factory Lines, and Equipment, as well as enhancement of existing machinery in a plant.

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William Howard, the President and Founder, has many years experience in all aspects of equipment and machinery, including Efficiency & Productivity Improvement, Machine Diagnosis, and Machine Metric Analysis. For a resume of William S. Howard, click here.

William S. Howard is experienced and accomplished at:

    * Machinery Problem Diagnosis
    * Efficiency Improvement of Manufacturing Lines
    * Productivity Enhancement of Manufacturing Lines

As a machinery specialist for 20+ years, William Howard is capable of accurately diagnosing the root causes of machinery inefficiency -- and then completely correcting the problem. This may include:

    * Improving or Updating the Control System
    * Electrical Repair or adding additional Electrical Sensors and equipment
    * Designing and Installing Auxiliary Equipment

If you have a machinery issue anywhere in the Southeastern United States (or beyond), contact us with any questions -- we are always happy to help!

Machines Designed or Developed by Stability Technology

This is a list of selected projects and photos where William S Howard designed and developed the high speed automation machinery.

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William S. Howard
President, Stability Technology, Inc.

(770) 331 - 2283