Machinery Appraisals

Stability Technology is a technical information provider. We believe that accurate, timely, technical information provides a critical advantage in disputed insurance claims. Our role is as an information provider, and we can assist both the risk manager and the claims adjuster. We assist the claims adjuster with the remediation of the loss situation in a variety of ways - performing a damage assessment, creating a menu of viable recovery alternatives, equipment valuation and resale, project oversight, and, if necessary, expert testimony.

As the decision-maker, the insurance adjuster is the one to select the activities that best suit his needs. Once those selections are made, we provide various options on how we might assist with their implementation. Our long experience with commercial property claims involving machines and equipment provides a unique benefit to risk managers and underwriters.

We also understand that a loss or risk investigation has many requirements that have to be met without delay - accurate technical information, individual concerns, and timely communication - which all lead to a quality work product.

We are committed to helping you meet your needs.

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Stability Technology provides appraisals for machines and equipment.

All machine appraisals are personally conducted and performed by

William S. Howard
President of Stability Technology.

Examples of Machines Stability Technology Has Appraised

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William S. Howard
President, Stability Technology, Inc.

(770) 331 - 2283